Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Is Ladie P Cumeleon?

I am someone who I wish I could be outside of burlesque. My Burlesque persona is such a fun, loud, sexy, confident person. Ladie P Cumeleon is not scared or ashamed of her plus size body. Being a woman of size I was scared at first to take off my clothes in front of an audience. The feeling of getting rejected or booed off stage was stuck in my head. But I have to say the first time I did it was truly empowering and such a positive loving experience. I started out as a stage kitten and assisting my now duo partner Dangerously Decadent in her act. And now I have turned into a full on PERFORMER! I have started to get a fan base and that honestly is the most amazing feeling ever! This blog is going to be about how I over came self hating feelings to pictures and becoming a duo. :)

I am so forever grateful for making the decision to be part of the amazing BURLESQUE FAMILY!


  1. You're an amazing lady!

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