Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ladie P Gets Ready

I decided to take a before and after pic before a show. Now I realize that doing this really shows what makeup can do. A lot of people will look at the before and go wow I see why you need makeup but my point is I am beautiful either way and I want other woman to feel the same way about themselves! Burlesque has helped me see that beauty is big or small makeup or no makeup tall or short. All is loved!

Be You

Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Is Ladie P Cumeleon?

I am someone who I wish I could be outside of burlesque. My Burlesque persona is such a fun, loud, sexy, confident person. Ladie P Cumeleon is not scared or ashamed of her plus size body. Being a woman of size I was scared at first to take off my clothes in front of an audience. The feeling of getting rejected or booed off stage was stuck in my head. But I have to say the first time I did it was truly empowering and such a positive loving experience. I started out as a stage kitten and assisting my now duo partner Dangerously Decadent in her act. And now I have turned into a full on PERFORMER! I have started to get a fan base and that honestly is the most amazing feeling ever! This blog is going to be about how I over came self hating feelings to pictures and becoming a duo. :)

I am so forever grateful for making the decision to be part of the amazing BURLESQUE FAMILY!